North Vietnam

Hanoi Overview North Vietnam

Hanoi Overview

Area: 3,344 km2 Population (2009): 6,472,200 Hanoi is the capital city of the Social Republic of Vietnam. Hanoi locates in the centre of the Red River Delta. It is border by Thai Nguyen province in the North, Ha Nam province in the South, Bac Ninh and Hung Yen provinces in the East. Hanoi is in [...]
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Quang Ninh Overview North Vietnam

Quang Ninh Overview

Area: 6,099.0 km2 Population (2009): 1,144,988 Quang Ninh is the northeast province of Vietnam. It is bordered by China in the North, by Hai  Phong  province in the South, by Gulf of Tonkin in the East, and by Lang Son, Bac Giang, Hai Duong provinces in the West. Its coastal line is more than 200km. [...]
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Sung La - The forgotten paradise North Vietnam

Sung La – The forgotten paradise

Sometimes, you have visited somewhere before in life, and think there is no need for a second visit but I took a gamble and made a return journey to Sung La, a small village in Ha Giang Province and it was to prove the right decision. Sung La village is on the road leading to [...]
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Ngoc My Nhan Mountain North Vietnam

Ngoc My Nhan Mountain

Ngoc My Nhan is located near main centre of Ninh Binh city, near Day River. The temple is considered Ngoc My Nhan (beautiful lady) for its look like a girl letting her hair free and lying on the broad day light. Besides, the temple is also called Canh Dieu Mountain (kite mountain), for the legend [...]
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King Le Dai Hanh temple North Vietnam

King Le Dai Hanh temple

King Le Dai Hanh temple is in the historical and cultural vestige of Hoa Lu ancient imperial. It is located in the Truong Yen Ha hamlet (Truong Yen commune – Hoa Lu), so it is called Lower temple (Den Ha). The temple was built in the former base of Hoa Lu imperial city. The temple [...]
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Mai Chau valley North Vietnam

Mai Chau valley

Mai Chau valley is located in Hoa Binh Township; it is about 130km to the north of Hanoi. Crossing the Cun slope to Thung Chuoi pass, you could visit Mai Chau district from the top like a beautiful picture with the curling path, village groups, paddy field and lake. In the mountain base, the houses [...]
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Truong Han Sieu temple North Vietnam

Truong Han Sieu temple

The temple of culture well known person Truong Han Sieu is located in the Thanh Binh ward, Ninh Binh province. The temple is built in the base of Non Nuoc Mountain and intersection of Day River and Van River. Truong Han Sieu temple was built since 1998 including three palaces and two back rooms. The [...]
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Central - Highland Vietnam

Whale Island in Nha trang Central - Highland Vietnam

Whale Island in Nha trang

Whale Island is approximately a 90 minute drive north of Nha Trang located on the very quiet and beautiful Van Phong Bay. A quick boat across the bay brings you to the beautiful sheltered bay of Whale Island with its turquoise colored water and white sandy beach. Every year between April and July, the whales [...]
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Sen Lake, fairyland between the slopes of sand Central - Highland Vietnam

Sen Lake, fairyland between the slopes of sand

Lotus lake (or White Lake) consists of two large and small lakes called Mr Lake and Ms Lake located next to each other, surrounded by white sand dunes smooth. Standing from looking down, will admire the immense blue swamp, stunning stretched. Lotus lake located between the vast white sand beach, is a large lake sparkling [...]
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Co Thach pagoda - 100 year old by the sea Central - Highland Vietnam

Co Thach pagoda – 100 year old by the sea

The south-central coast province of Binh Thuan is known for its stunning beaches. However, the location is also a popular destination for pilgrimages to Co Thach, a unique pagoda located on a rock cliff overlooking the immense sea below. From HCMC, tourists should head towards Phan Thiet City. From the north of the city you [...]
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Son Tra Peninsula Central - Highland Vietnam

Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra Peninsula is a privilege worthy but endowed with a nature reserve rich diversified and a unique flora with many valuable and rare wild animals. Dive deep into the water, the beauty is everywhere, from the blue of the water, plaques orange, green and purple colors. Visitor also heard crunching sounds of healthy coral [...]
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Da Nhay beach in Quang Binh Central - Highland Vietnam

Da Nhay beach in Quang Binh

Arrive with Bo Trach district, Quang Binh, outside famous landscapes Phong Nha – Ke Bang, Da Nhay is also attractive destination with pristine beaches and along the rockies caves strange shapes. According to the National Highway 1A from Dong Hoi city return to the north about 25 km, Da Nhay beach is mountains adjacent to [...]
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Institute of Oceanography in Nha Trang Central - Highland Vietnam

Institute of Oceanography in Nha Trang

The Institute of Oceanography, which was established in 1923, was one of the first centre for scientific research in Viet Nam. It is located on an elevated land next to Cau Da Wharf, about 6km from the centre of Nha  Trang. Nha Trang is an excellent location for tropical oceanographic research because it is close to [...]
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Whale island resort in Nha Trang Central - Highland Vietnam

Whale island resort in Nha Trang

It is located 80 kms North of Nha Trang city at the tip of an archipelago. It is absolute paradise – an ideal place for resting and enjoying many beautiful sights and relics of Whale Island. Coming to Whale Island Resort, you will learn about the fishing work of the inhabitants, the habits and customs [...]
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South Vietnam

Thuy Dai Son – home of mysterious folklores South Vietnam

Thuy Dai Son – home of mysterious folklores

huy Dai Son, the smallest peak in the That Son Mountain Range with a height of just 54 meters, is a really attractive destination in An Giang Province. The mountain is settled amidst an immense rice field in Tri Ton District, and is known due to its famed local legends which are passed on from [...]
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Vung Tau beach city South Vietnam

Vung Tau beach city

The colorfull of the sea, the relics of history… mixed together to create beauty proudly for the beach city as far- famed in the South Sea. Go to Vung Tau, visitors can loosed stroll on the smooth white sand of the Truoc beach. Along the beach is park covered in a green coconut groves, rows [...]
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Con Dao Beach South Vietnam

Con Dao Beach

As a still pristine places, Con Dao attracts visitors to the sunny beaches in the long run that by featured of the island Malabar almond trees.The activities on the island will attract visitors such as fishing, squid fishing, scuba diving, cano driving, frolic with dolphins or watching turtles lay their eggs at night … Con [...]
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The green oasis in Dong Thap South Vietnam

The green oasis in Dong Thap

About 17km from the sub-city of Cao Lanh city, Gao Giong is divided into four zones with more than 70km of canals and 20km of surrounded decks. In order to get there, you need to pass a 2km canals through the green palm tree in the sampan – a specialty of Southern people. Each sampan [...]
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Quan Am Tinh Vien South Vietnam

Quan Am Tinh Vien

The pagoda is located in 444/79 Tran Phu, Ward 5 with the area of 3.4ha built by the superior Buddhist Monk Thich Hue Thanh in 1969 and restored in 1993. There is a statue of Sukyamuni of 6m high, statue of Avalokiteśvara of 9m high, Bat Nha boat, Lam Ti Ni garden, Loc Uyen garden, [...]
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Pagoda Linh Son South Vietnam

Pagoda Linh Son

It is now located in the Hoang Hoa Tham street, Ward 2, moved in since 1959 by Superior Buddhist Monk Thich Tinh Vien. Not many people know that this pagoda was located in a small mountain. In 1919, French people took that area to build a torch, so village people moved the pagoda down to [...]
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Chon Khong Zen ancestry South Vietnam

Chon Khong Zen ancestry

With the history of nearly 18 centuries, Vietnamese Buddhism and Dhyana Buddhism have contributed to the process of building and protecting the country. The Chon Khong Zen ancestry is acknowledged by the Vietnam record book centre for being the first place to restore the group of Zen of Truc Lam Yen Tu in Vietnam. At [...]
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Travel News

Ba Be on the list of 16 worlds most beautiful lakes Travel News

Ba Be on the list of 16 world’s most beautiful lakes

Ba Be Lake is the largest natural lake in Vietnam. It is located in Nam Mau Commune, Bac Kan District, Bac Kan Province in the northeast region of the country. Having been formed approximately 200 million years ago, the lake is surrounded by limestone cliffs, which in turn are covered by primary forests. The lake [...]
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Hanoi ranked eighth on TripAdvisor’s list of best destinations Travel News

Hanoi ranked eighth on TripAdvisor’s list of best destinations

According to TripAdvisor’s list of the world’s best destinations in 2014, which was announced on April 8, Hanoi was at the eighth position as a newcomer. Istanbul tops the travel review site’s list of best spots in the world this year, followed by Rome and London on the second and third positions. This year’s top [...]
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Sapa Tourism Week 2014 to kick off Travel News

Sapa Tourism Week 2014 to kick off

April 29 to May 4 is a Sapa Tourism week set aside to celebrate everything about the traditional culture of ethnic minority groups from the northern mountainous province of Lao Cai. A wide array of festivities, including traditional music and dance performances and folk games of ethnic minority groups, are set to get underway at [...]
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