Ba Vi Place


West North of Hanoi


Ba Vi PlaceBa Vi is a range of mountain which contains many peak covering the area of 5000 hectare in the West of Hanoi. Surrounded by Da River and Suoi Hai makes the landscape natural beautiful. This land is the cradle of Son Tinh legend – the symbol of rebellious spirit of Vietnamese people.

The highest peak’s name is Ngoc Tan or Tan Vien mount which is 1281m. It is cloudy in the mountain all over the four seasons. There are three temples in the mountains which honor the God of Tan Vien – Thanh Giong. In the Ba Vi range, there are some other peaks like Ngoc Linh, Ty Mieu, U Bo, Che mountain, Su Tng and Che Dung mountains. The latter two are said to be the carried by God Tan to block the West South to prevent the flood. Loi Son (U Rong) mountains is 750m height, which locates beside the Da River. This mountain is supposed to be called Dong Son. There is a carve in the foot of the mountain. Inside the mountain there is a large space for around tens of people to sit in. There are many light holes up from the ceiling.

Ba Vi’s climate is cool and pure. In the height of 400m and 600m, there are two famous vacation places with the temperature of 7 to 8 degree Celsius lower than the plain area. In 1952, in these two peaks, Vietnamese army had rose against the French army and wiped out 7 platoons of the enemy to open the Hoa Binh campaign.

In the beautiful day, if you stand on the peak, there are thousands of hectares of grass hills. There are state-run economic companies which are milk cow farm, bull variety centre Moldaco, Cuba cock’s variety farm, pine apple farm, medicine herb and tobacco farm.

There is a resource of precious forest products: wood, rattan, wax-tree, herb and other precious wild animals: bear, tiger, cheetah, flying civet, and especially there is the grass type named “vo phong dong giao” – moving without wind.


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