Bach Long Vi Island


The Bach Long vi (White dragon tails) island is 130km far from the Hai Phong northern province by sea. With the area is 3km square, Bach Long Vi is a triangle shape with the perimeter of 8 km.


Bach Long Vi IslandIn the middle of island is the hillock with the figure of tortoise shells with the height of 60 m. From this very peak, there is a observatory which is like a tireless eye which witnessing the sea land of Vietnam.

There is a village in the island which named Phu Thuy Chau (village floating on the water). This village is established since 1920s, due to the foundation of sweet water resource. Bach Long Vi was formerly the reside temporarily place of fishermen from Co To or Cat Ba. Now there is also people from Hai Nan (China) island coming to live and they earn a living mainly by catching abalone.

Apart from abalone, Bach Long Vi also has phosphate, mange, and alfatite, which is the prospect of natural oil in the Gulf of Tonkin.

In American war, the enemy destroyed the island 142 times with the total bomb released were hundreds ton. The army in this island was bravely raised against the enemy which deserved the title of “never sink battleship”.

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