Journey with Oriental Sails – Halong

Journey with Oriental Sails – HalongI was thinking there would be no similar feeling if I come to Halong so many time before. However, this time, I gained more. I was invited to go to Halong Bay for the rarely three-day vacation, and we spent that trip on Oriental Sails.

On the first day, Sung Sot cave (Surprise cave) is not so strange for us, but through the plentiful inventing ability of the guide of Oriental Sails, we were put in the different stories which are new from what we’ve heard, see what are new from what we’ve seen.

After the tour in cave, we went on a kayaking. The activity of kayaking in Ha Long is not so strange, but the new thing is being witnessed by the curious monkeys in the Luon cave.

A night on the cruise is memorable with fishing. I was not so patient, but when I caught a cuttle-fish and make the salad from those to share with the other guests, it was exciting. That was the first time I had eaten salad from cuttle-fish. Only after 15 minutes, I was able to taste that impressive salad. The Australian men in that cruise just praised “incredible”.

The second day is the most awaiting for me, cause I have never climbed mountain in the middle of the sea. This is a real challenge with the adventurous mind like me. The small boat brought us from cruise to the three-day schedule to Lan Ha Bay, another small bay near Cat Ba of Hai Phong. The feeling of being with the sea is so amazing. It was thought to be hard to climb on the superb cliff, however, it is very close and easy under the guide of foreign trainer of Slopony company. I was shouting loudly when I recognized myself was at the top of a cliff and an amazing image was captured in my eyes. It was like I won myself. Lan Ha bay becomes small, though I know I was not tall at all.

The last day in Ha Long is when I was soaring to challenge the nature of Halong nature, then I caught the feature of Ha Long people. After the breakfast, the small boat brought us to visit the Van Gia fishing village, one of the first villages in Ha Long. People here are not quite strange to the mainland life, but they are really kind. There are only some students with the very young teacher in the small class in the bay. I felt like they were angles in the sea land. Guests didn’t hesitate to drop some money to do the charity for these people after having conversation with them. I felt the world in Ha Long bay is where the strange souls to be together. I know all the people in that trip felt that this is the small sweet excitement of Ha Long which is not widely known and felt by people.

After the trip, all the sailors and captains come out and see off us with the friendly smile. I thought this is the first time I acquired the beauty of Halong after a lot of time visiting.

Thank you so much! Oriental Sails!


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