Ghenh Da Dia – Plate Stone Fall

Ghenh Da Dia - Plate Stone FallLocation: In An Ninh Dong, Tuy An, Phu Yen – 561 km to the North from Ho Chi Minh city

Feature: There are only one or two similar places in the world. Ghenh Da Dia is the collection of thousands of hexagonal stone pillars to be placed together to make it look like a bee’s nest.

Scientists suppose there was a geological phenomenon thousand years ago. In the process of eruption, the volcano let out the lava and they catch the water to become cracked. The surface of it looks like thousands of black plates to be placed together. The area is about one km2 . Visitors could freely walking and rolling around here.

There are many sea creatures living here, such as a type of seaweed which adhere to the stones.

Beside Ghenh Da Dia, there is a beach called Bang. The neglected land with the white sands will bring the pure atmosphere, which is suitable for leisure vacation.

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