Dalat Place

Dalat PlaceLocation: in Lam Dong province (nearly 300 km from Ho Chi Minh city)

Feature: In the middle of Lam Vien Plateau with the height of 1450 meter, Dalat is a famous vacation spot for Vietnamese. In summer, the highest temperature is just 19oC, therefore it is able to say that Dalat has no summer. There is a endless autumn in Dalat. This kind of climate not only make people comfortable but also let the temperate plant grows. Pear, apple, kohlrabi, cabbage are planted throughout the year. Hundreds of kind of flower blossom with the orchards, rose, mimosa, violet, dahlia, especially the sakura in February. Dalat makes the ecological feature of Vietnam more various.

Coming to Dalat, apart from cool weather and the beauty of trees and flowers, visitors could enjoy other natural sights like springs, lakes, forests, waterfalls, etc.

In the middle of the city of Xuan Huong lake with the circumference of 5 km, it is located among the pretty pine hills. Surrounding is a winding path under the straight line of colophony trees. The water line is quiet and green.

About 5km from the centre of the city is Than Tho and Me Linh lakes, which are also the famous landscape with the pure water and whistling pine hills, along with the quiet scene of image.

Visitors could visit the waterfalls. There is cam Ly waterfall in the West, Datanla waterfall in the South, Pren waterfall in National Road no 2, and Ancroet waterfall in the North of the city.

The forest seems being endless. Forest is beside the streets, mainly they are pine forest. Pine pollen seems nurturing the travel journey. In the natural landscape like that, visitors can not forget to visit the Dalat market and other public cultural projects like the Nuclear Research centre run by the Vietnam’s scientists, Literature achieves centre where there are many precious works are saved.

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