Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi TunnelsLocation: 70km to the West North from the central Ho Chi Minh city.

Feature: Cu Chi is a district of Ho Chi Minh, which area is about 200 km2. There were many hero exploits were made in Cu Chi in the American war, then Cu Chi was named “Land of Steal soil and Copper Citadel” or “Country land of Tunnel war”.

Since French colonial war, Cu Chi were quite good secret tunnels, which helped preserving the armed forces of Vietnam and fighting effectively. After the General Uprising day in 1960, the secret tunnels in Cu Chi were stabilized and developed, which let it became the underground safety zone and an eight-sing figure battle with the enemy. There are some remarkable examples like: the newspaper of American wrote: “no machine, weapons, or bomb can be used to destroy the system of underground tunnels. It is not because of the depth of the tunnels, but the zigzag form of those tunnels. The ventilation holes are uncountable. According to a document, there are about 17 km of tunnels in Cu Chi in French war, and until American war, there are about 200km with diversity of storey, step, orient, area. That helped connect the commune to commune, coming to the suburb of the city, and even to the enemy’s area. Each tunnel system has one main tunnel which is sinuous, rise and fall, high and big enough for a man to walk with a stoop. The tunnels’ roof is often 3 to 4 meter thick, which is able to be under pressured of 100 kg bomb and the 50 ton tank. Around the tunnels are branches to the secret tunnels, which are the living and working  places. Among the main tunnel and the branch is the short way but it is very well created. In case one part is discovered, the others will still be safe. There are many ventilation, escape way, and lighting hole, kitchen, etc. Even there is a village under the surface with the places for buffalos, foods, and places for meeting.

There are also places to let through the surface, to fight and gather the enemy to the traps.

Over more than twenty years of fighting, Cu Chi was cited as the hero district of Ho Chi Minh city.

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