Phong nha Cave

Phong nha CaveLocation: In Quang Binh province, about 500km from Hanoi.

Phong Nha Cave is located in Bo Trach district, created by the Gianh river and East limestone caves which make the natural heritage inside the mountain.

In order to see Phong Nha, people have to use small boat, and prepare torches and light. The cave’s entrance looks like close to the water surface when being seen from far distance. Actually, the entrance is 10 m height, 25 m wide, and looks like a giant feast’s mouth. The stalactites in the vault of the entrance look like teeth of the feast.

The cave is 1451 m long with many sections. Inside the cave, there are many perfectly square shape stone like being carved by people. There is an altar of the Cham people inside, with various of ancient Cham character.

Below the base of the cave is the small Buddha’s statue. The base’s largest area is 50m, some place are narrowed till 8m. Those make the small sound would become big noise by the ceiling of the cave.

In this range of cave there is another cave called Dry Cave. Though it is discovered tens of years before, it is still neglected and the two caves are plant to be developed to be the uninterrupted bundle of tourist spot for domestic and international guests.


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