Bo De Pagoda

Bo De PagodaOther name: Thien Son Co Tu.

Location: Phu Vien village, Bo De ward, Long Bien district, Hanoi.

The pagoda has a large area and was built in the middle of the high area with many ancient trees. Now, it only has the five-room-upper temple which is placed in the high base with a low influential shape.

There are many beautiful statues. Although the worshipping objects are not very ancient, they are very elegant with two main colors: red brown and dark red which increases the simplicity of the Buddhist temple.

There are many literature stele which allow people to find the real time of the building, to specify where is the place for Le Loi (former national hero – king who defeated the enemy for unification) in the battle of Dong Quan citadel in 1427.


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