Hanoi Overview

Hanoi Overview

Hanoi Map

Area: 3,344 km2

Population (2009): 6,472,200

Hanoi is the capital city of the Social Republic of Vietnam.

Hanoi locates in the centre of the Red River Delta. It is border by Thai Nguyen province in the North, Ha Nam province in the South, Bac Ninh and Hung Yen provinces in the East.

Hanoi is in the land of tropical monsoon climate. If there is a detailed and precise separation, Hanoi would have four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. However, in order to fit the reorganization of people who is planning to come here,  it will be divided in two seasons: dry and rain season. The dry season is from October to April in the next year. This is the time of coldness and there’s no heavy rain. From January to March, there is still light cold, but it’s the spring time, therefore, there is some light rain also for the blossom of trees and flowers. From May to September, it is the hot season with high temperature and heavy rain as well as storms. In August, September, October, Hanoi will be in the Autumn climate with cool atmosphere of blue sky and nice wind. In the end of the autumn, there will be almost cold before coming to the winter.

Average temperature in winter: 17.2oC (lowest: 2.7 oC).

Average temperature in summer: 19.2 oC (highest 42.8 oC)

Average temperature in whole year: 23.2 oC

Average rain level: 1,800mm.


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