Lao Cai Overview

Lao Cai Overview

Lao Cai map

Area: 6,383.9 km2

Population (2009): 614,595

Lao Cai province was established since July 1907. After the administration changes, Lao Cai is separated from the former Hoang Lien Son province to be the new province since 1991. Lao Cai is a mountainous province, which is bordered by Yunnan province of China in the north with 203km of borderline. It is bordered by Lai Chau province in the west, by Ha Giang province in the east, and by Yen Bai and Son La in the south.

There are mountains, hills and valleys in the topography of this province. The river and spring system in Lao Cai is very entangled with many waterfalls and whirlpool. Lao Cai has the main road to connect with Yunnan (China), therefore, Lao Cai has the important location of economics, politic, culture and military.

There are many parts of climate in this area. In the low lands, the climate is tropical. From the height of 700m and above, the climate is subtropical and temperate. Only Sapa town has the temperature of 0oC in the winter and there is snow, sometimes.

Lao Cai has many large forests with specious woods such as

Average temperature in whole year: 18-28oC

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