Quang Binh Overview

Quang Binh Overview

Quang Binh map

Area: 8,065.3 km2

Population (2009): 1,227,038

Quang Binh locates in the Central part of Vietnam. It is bordered by Ha Tinh province in the north, by South China Sea in the east, by Laos in the west, and by Quang Tri province in the south. The delta is small and narrow, which mainly locate in two main river banks. Quang Binh has many rivers. It has the coast of more than 110km. The climate of Quang Binh is tropical monsoon with two seasons of rain and dry.

Its township of Dong Hoi is about 491km from Hanoi with quite easy transportation.

Located in the gateway to Hue central city, leaning against the Ngang pass, Quang Binh is

Average temperature in whole year: 25-26oC


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