Quat Lam Beach

Quat Lam BeachQuat Lam Beach Resort, Giao Thuy district – Nam Dinh is planned with 58ha wide. It was officially brought into operation in 1999.

The center area has naturally formed two large lakes; each lake is approximately 10ha wide. In the future, the lake will has road embankment and fenced to allow a hotel, restaurants, fishing, boating and the aquatic center, etc to be built.

Along the beach, the concrete road is built next to waterfront. Quat Lam has attracted many economic sectors to invest in building. Master plan of the beach is divided into the cells to build infrastructure. The first sealed road was built along the coast has attracted many investors to build high-rise hotel with hundreds of rooms. Many hotels have enough halls for hundreds of delegates to attend the workshop. Quat Lam is busy with building and extending to have the bustling urban area beside river.

Coming to Quat Lam beache, you will be satisfied with the specialties of the sea that  is natural gift for sea products are much cheaper compared to other beach resorts in the country such as shrimp – crab – squid, etc are processed into various specialties with bold style of Nam Dinh.

The other thing is the style of restaurant and the hotel service, which was polite, attentive and hospitable.

To Quat Lam, you can admire the oldest cathedrals in Vietnam with French architecture style, participate in the ceremony at the church and the activities of the Catholics here. Visit Xuan Thuy wetland reserve – the only Ramsar of Vietnam – which has international importance. That is a large alluvial located in south of the Red River with a total area enrollment is 12,000 ha. In which, apart from wetlands area, there are more than 3.000ha of ​​mangrove forests. This is Vietnam’s largest bird park, “the platform of the international flow of migratory birds” with over 200 species, of which nearly 100 species of migratory birds and over 50 species of waterbirds.

From Hanoi, you can reach Quat Lam by bus from Giap Bat bus station, or go straight to the train station in Nam Dinh. It is 90km from Hanoi to Nam Dinh city. From the bus station in Nam Dinh, you can take a bus ride about 40km to Quat Lam. (There is car directly to the beach Quat Lam).


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