Oc Eo Relic

Oc Eo RelicOc Eo relic is in the area of Sap – Ba Be Mountain, Thoai Son district, An Giang province. This is a well-known relic for being the crowded commercial port with boats and the Phu Nam kingdom location, formerly a strong kingdom of Southeast Asia.

With the area of 4,500ha, there are many visitors, archeologists, and researchers, collectors coming here to discover and study about the ancient sparkling time of An Giang.

The archeologist evidences found in this area shows that the fruitful developments are expressed in the interlaced canals, developed arts and crafts including the jewellery, pottery, which are premises for the industry.

There are also temples and tombs I this area with the combination of bricks and stones, which are the combination of the ancient civilization of region and local culture.

The discovered archeologist relics from the recent excavating are the architect monuments like grave, residential relics with more than 270 items, in which 196 are gold, 22 stone, and 47 terra-cotta. All are the relics of Oc Eo civilization inherited to the current time.

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