Thac Ba lake

Thac Ba lake is an artificial lake located in the North West of Vietnam. It is about 180km from Hanoi in Luc Yen and Yen Binh districts of Yen Bai province.

Thac Ba lake

Thac Ba lake

The lake is 23400 ha wide with the surface area of 19050ha. Thac Ba is not only famous with the first hydroelectric plant in Vietnam but also for the nice ecotourism destination. Since 1996, Thac Ba lake was recognized as the national historical cultural vestige and it is the pride of Yen Bai people.

There was a battle field in this area in both wars against the north countries and American and French. There is Mong Son cave in the middle of Thac Ba which was the working place of Yen Bai committee. Floating on Thac Ba lake, we could enjoy the pure air with the sparkling water on the grandiose mountains and islands. Not only being a landscape, the lake also joins in the process of protecting and improving the environment. Visitors would visit the old forest, green hills and the Limestone Mountains on the water.

From Huong Li port, spending nearly one hour on canoe, visitors would come to Thac Ba hydroelectric plant – first plant in the process of building hydroelectric plants in the North after war.

The tour of Thac Ba has been attracting many people with the destinations like limestone caves on the lake. Thuy Tien cave is located inside the mountain with the length of 100m and the stalactites of nine mermaids. Xuan Long cave is located in the limestone mountain. The stalactites would surprise the visitors with free and relaxed feeling. Cao Bien Mountain is the biggest and highest mountain range of Thac Ba lake. Visitors could stand on the peak of this mountain to enjoy the landscape. There is a legend of the love between the princess of King of Water and the prince of the land, etc.

Continuing upstream of Chay River, visitors would come to Dai Cai temple historical vestige, Hum cave, Sao pagoda, Bau dynasty citadel, Marmot cave,  etc.

The village beside the lake also remains the wild features along with the character of Tay, Nung, Mong, Dao, Phu La, Cao Lan, etc ethnic groups. There are many festivals around the year especially in spring.

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