Khai Long beach

Khai Long beach is about 18km from Ca Mau cape. This is a curling sand bank along the sea shore of Khai Long ward, Mui Dat commune, Ngoc Hien district, Ca Mau province with the area of 230ha and 3800m long of sea shore. Being favored by nature, there is a group of island with the wild beauty and the yellow sand banks.

Khai Long beach

Khai Long beach

Coming to Khai Long, visitors would listen to the long legend with the people from Central Vietnam coming to expand the land. When they stopped here, there was a light from the sky like the dragon shape. They supposed that is a good omen and they decided to settle down. The name Khai Long was also put to this area.

Coming to Khai Long, you could visit the floating market – typical culture of the water land. Right in the other side of the canal, visitor could enjoy a dish of specialty like boiled crab, hot pot of sour fish, etc.

From Ca Mau city, it takes one and a half hour on canoe; you could enjoy the landscape of sea and forest with the famous delicious fruit. Beside the nature beauty, visitors could enjoy the festivals of this area. In April, there is festival of Ca Duong, Ba Khia and lantern night, etc.

After freeing to enjoy the sea, you could also taste the sea foods like oyster, shrimp, crab, ba khia, etc.

In order to satisfy the demand of visiting and recreation of visitors, many tourist areas are newly built with the system of restaurant and services. A new urban area is coming to town. You could choose the route of Dat Mui – Khai Long – Hon Khoai in the hydrofoil, and then you could witness the plentiful creature world in the sea bottom.

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