Ngoc My Nhan Mountain

Ngoc My Nhan is located near main centre of Ninh Binh city, near Day River. The temple is considered Ngoc My Nhan (beautiful lady) for its look like a girl letting her hair free and lying on the broad day light.

Ngoc My Nhan Mountain

Besides, the temple is also called Canh Dieu Mountain (kite mountain), for the legend of being dominated by the Chinese dynasty. There was a talented general of Chinese dynasty named Cao Dien who always used kite to fly and find the precious route of the South country (Vietnam). When he came to this land, he was shot down by an arrow and his kite was broken and fell down. Since then, the mountain was named Canh Dieu (Kite Mountain).

There are Tien Son temple and Duc Thanh Ca temple (Great God) beside Ngoc My Nhan with many caves and underground rivers.

The unique beauty of Ngoc My Nhan attracts visitors for every time they cross Ninh Binh and it is a light topic for the artists.

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