Mai Chau valley

Mai Chau valley is located in Hoa Binh Township; it is about 130km to the north of Hanoi.

Mai Chau valley

Crossing the Cun slope to Thung Chuoi pass, you could visit Mai Chau district from the top like a beautiful picture with the curling path, village groups, paddy field and lake. In the mountain base, the houses on tilt are built with the areca nut trees like welcoming the visitors.

Mai Chau is always beautiful with the fog and smoke from the kitchens which cerate the mysterious view.

Crossing the wood bridge crossing the spring, we will come to the village. The spring is small in between the paddy fields and we could see the reel to purify the water along. There are many brocade shops along the path way to the village with many types of products: shirts, skirt, purse, etc made by the skillful women of Thai ethnic group. The small handicraft products like basket, stand is sold in the cheap price. To be more sophisticated, visitors could order the cloth in every loom, and some hours later, you could have a beautiful cloth is already ready.

The white Thai people in Mai Chau do tourism in their own house. The most popular families are in Lat and Poom villages. The house on tilt is made from bamboo in this area. The house roof is covered with tiles or rattan. The house floor is about 1.5m above the ground and there will be firm stairs. The windows are quite large to receive the wind and there are also some orchard baskets hanging on it. People visiting the house would be invited to wash their feet before coming to the up house.  Then the house owner will have you sit on a flower mat and drink wine made from glutinous rice. There are many specialties in Mai Chau but the best one is this type of rice.

Putting a night in Mai Chau would be wonderful in the coldness of the dew and join in the daily life of the family. You could join in the performance or dance of Thai people and enjoy the grilled food before sunk in the deep sleep.

Visiting all the villages of lat, Loong Luong, Van, Nhot, you could visit hot spring of Xam Khoe, Tong Dau Lake or visit the other ethnic people’s villages to see the warm heated characteristic of local people.


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