Da Nhay beach in Quang Binh

Arrive with Bo Trach district, Quang Binh, outside famous landscapes Phong Nha – Ke Bang, Da Nhay is also attractive destination with pristine beaches and along the rockies caves strange shapes. According to the National Highway 1A from Dong Hoi city return to the north about 25 km, Da Nhay beach is mountains adjacent to the beach, under the Ly Hoa mountain.

Da Nhay beach in Quang BinhDespite, the noisy road vehicle park a few steps but Da Nhay beach kept completely original of water color pristine and abrasive rock. The tenderness of the blending between greatness and courage beauty, spectacular rocks of the the charms of the vast ocean created unforgettable impression of visitors.

Sea Da Nhay in wonderful immensely well with the color change of each stone. If you have time, visitors can also participate in many types of the entertainment such as motor boating, hiking, hunting or just walking in the poplar forest . You also do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the in pure water droplets cool at wells Coc, Da Nhay Beach. Hide themselves under a huge rock next to the beach, Coc wells for fresh water and clean all year round . Special, the well water is warm winters, cool summers, fishermen often get to worship and festivals at the temple next to the Great South Sea wells Coc. Da Nhay beach has many underground reefs are home to many kinds of seafood such as shrimp, fish, crab, squid, and snails.

If you are lucky you will meet people here go hunting snail and can offered to buy the processed into a more attractive delicious food. Recently, the park service has jumped tourism began to develop to help tourists can be rest assured of holiday accommodation in the journey.

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