The green oasis in Dong Thap

About 17km from the sub-city of Cao Lanh city, Gao Giong is divided into four zones with more than 70km of canals and 20km of surrounded decks. In order to get there, you need to pass a 2km canals through the green palm tree in the sampan – a specialty of Southern people.

Each sampan can carry 3 to 4 people leaded by a local girl wearing loose-fitting blouse. Getting along the blue canal, visitors will be surprised with the beautiful and peaceful landscape of soft colors like green water-fern and white palm flower.

The green oasis in Dong Thap

Fishes in the water and birds in the tree top also make noises by waving their wings and tales. Gao Giong is in its most beautiful in water season. This oasis is sparkling in colors of yellow, purple, green, pink of cork flowers, waterlily, lotus, and palm forest.

Being considered the green lung of the Plain of Reeds, this palm is considered the biggest garden of storks. We could call it “bird ground” as it is the center of more than 200 kinds of birds, which are mostly the white storks.

If you visit the ground in the early morning or late afternoon, you will be overwhelmed by the unique sight. A “forest” of birds from all over the areas spread their wings in the noisy sounds of birds calling each other.

There are also many animals coming to settle like crest, wild duck, or even Bengal florican, etc. All creates a wild mysterious and lively forest.

This area is also considered the biggest fresh water fish land of Plain of Reeds. You just need a hook, then you can enjoy the whole peaceful day in here.

Gao Giong welcomes visitors not only by landscape, food but also by traditional culture. People come here part of the interesting in the shanty of Gao Giong. Just come by one time, then you will remember the land of West Southern Vietnam with full of vitality.

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