Vung Tau beach city

The colorfull of the sea, the relics of history… mixed together to create beauty proudly for the beach city as far- famed in the South Sea.

Vung Tau beach cityGo to Vung Tau, visitors can loosed stroll on the smooth white sand of the Truoc beach. Along the beach is park covered in a green coconut groves, rows of casuarina… shady. To follow the road Ha Long – Quang Trung, visitors will come Thuy Van Beach, also known as the Sau beach beautiful stretching over 3 km… Going through great mountain, visitors will come Bai Dau with many coves create many hidden beaches, beautiful scenery, charming with immense sea in front or dramatic cliffs, steep background…

The historical, cultural Vung Tau is a priceless treasures for visitors to explore. Coming here, tourists can visit the Christ Ki- To statue, climb the beacon, visit Buddha Shakyamuni Dai, Linh Son ancient … Cuisine of Sea Street is also tourist attractions that can not be overlooked, addition to the sale of seafood street parking along the beach, visitors can enjoy the specialty of cakes Khot Vung Tau, cake Hoi An Nhat, soup stingray, oyster barbecue… like the delicious food of beach city Vung Tau.

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