Whale Island in Nha trang

Whale Island is approximately a 90 minute drive north of Nha Trang located on the very quiet and beautiful Van Phong Bay. A quick boat across the bay brings you to the beautiful sheltered bay of Whale Island with its turquoise colored water and white sandy beach. Every year between April and July, the whales and the whale sharks come to stay in the archipelago to feed themselves on the masses of krill and the plankton; hence this is where the name ‘Whale Island’ is derived.

Whale Island in Nha trangThe diving out of Whale Island is spectacular with diving conducted from January through to October. The furthest dive site is just over one hour traveling time and it is well worth the journey. One of the high points at Whale Island is the underwater landscape. The island offers a wild and natural environment, where the flora and fauna are a nature lover’s heaven, both above and below water. The water is transparent and diving here is safe and simple from the beach to a maximum depth of 15 meters. Moreover, here visitors can completely relax and get away from hustle and bustle of the city life.

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