Thuy Dai Son – home of mysterious folklores

huy Dai Son, the smallest peak in the That Son Mountain Range with a height of just 54 meters, is a really attractive destination in An Giang Province. The mountain is settled amidst an immense rice field in Tri Ton District, and is known due to its famed local legends which are passed on from generation to generation.

Thuy Dai Son – home of mysterious folkloresLocated at the foot of the mountain is Nui Nuoc Pagoda where tourists can see a 300-year-old fig tree shading on a small temple worshiping the genie tiger. A giant statue of a genie turtle is another highlight of the site. Scattered among the mountain are many giant rocks in weird shapes which have their place in the mysterious local folklores.

Around the mountain range area, tourists will see local residents using ox carts to transport farming products, children and even passengers. To experience an ox cart journey, surely tourists can ask locals to give it a go capping off an interesting trip to Thuy Dai Son.

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