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Ang Pagoda Vietnam Pagoda

Ang Pagoda

About 7km from the centre of Tra Vinh Township, Ang pagoda is located in the area of 4ha wide in the ward 8 of Tra Vinh Township. Ang pagoda is one of the oldest pagodas in the system of Khmer pagodas left in South Vietnam. With the ancient architecture with many harmonically unique, Ang pagoda [...]
Kim Lien Pagoda Vietnam Pagoda

Kim Lien Pagoda

Among the temples and pagodas in Hanoi, Kim Lien Pagoda is considered one of the magnificent pagoda retaining intact the ancient architecture. Previously, the pagoda was located in Nghi Tam village, currently under Quang An ward, Tay Ho district, Hanoi and was recognized as National Historical and Cultural Monument in 1962. The Pagoda was also [...]
Lang Pagoda Vietnam Pagoda

Lang Pagoda

Lang Pagoda, also known as Chieu Thien Pagoda, is located on the land of the old Lang Village (current Lang Thuong ward, Dong Da district, Hanoi ), 7km west of Hanoi. Lang Pagoda anecdote is associated with mysterious behavior of Zen Master Tu Dao Hanh under reign of King Ly Nhan Tong, who is son [...]
Bao An Pagoda Vietnam Pagoda

Bao An Pagoda

Among ancient pagodas in old Thang Long, Bao An Pagoda is considered one of the most fabulous and majestic ones. Remaining historical Buddhism documents of Tran times said that Bao An Pagoda is closely related to Truc Lam Zen. After King Tran Nhan Tong’s death on Yen Tu Mount, King Anh Tong commanded to cast [...]
Pho Minh Pagoda Vietnam Pagoda

Pho Minh Pagoda

Chronicle has it that Pho Minh pagoda was constructed in 1262, in western of Trung Quang Palace of Tran Kings. But as explanatory text on headstone and bell, this pagoda appeared in Ly dynasty and possibly it was expanded in 1262. Through various repairs, the pagoda has remained numerous artificial vestiges of Tran dynasty. Its [...]
Huong Pagoda (Perfume Pagoda) Vietnam Pagoda

Huong Pagoda (Perfume Pagoda)

Location: Huong Son Commune, My Duc District, Ha noi City Huong Pagoda (Perfume Pagoda) is about seventy-five kilometers southwest of center Ha Noi. Huong Son’s mountains, rivers, and forest make it unique in the great plains of northern Viet Nam. This complex of pagodas is set amidst mountains, forests, lakes, and caves surrounded by vast [...]
But Thap pagoda Vietnam Pagoda

But Thap pagoda

Other name: Ninh Phuc tu. Location: in the West of But Thap hamlet, Dinh To commune, Thuan Thanh district, Bac Ninh province. (30km from Hanoi) From the deck of Duong river, the pagoda could be seen with the long stone tower which looks like a pen. The pagoda was built in the order of Three-door [...]
Bo De Pagoda Vietnam Pagoda

Bo De Pagoda

Other name: Thien Son Co Tu. Location: Phu Vien village, Bo De ward, Long Bien district, Hanoi. The pagoda has a large area and was built in the middle of the high area with many ancient trees. Now, it only has the five-room-upper temple which is placed in the high base with a low influential [...]
Ba Da Pagoda Vietnam Pagoda

Ba Da Pagoda

Another name: Linh Quang Tu (magical light pagoda) Location: 03 Nha Tho Street, Hoan Kiem District. Hanoi Feature: In Le Thanh Tong dynasty, (1460 – 1497), in Bao Thien village (around the big cathedral area), there was a man who found a stone statue in the shape of a woman and he established a small [...]
Tam Coc, Bich Dong - Thee Caves and Green Cavern Vietnam Pagoda

Tam Coc, Bich Dong – Thee Caves and Green Cavern

Location: Ninh Binh province. (100km from Hanoi) Feature: The famous landscape and vestige of Tam Coc Bich Dong are located in Ninh Binh province, in the range of limestone mountain range Truong Yen, near Hoa Lu vestige. Along the small boat on a green water line with the shadow of mountains and cloud, visitors will [...]